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  • I would like to say a huge Thank You to Olga! She's been extremely professional and helpful. Everything was arranged very fast. Apart from organizing our amazing stay in Paris she gave us a lot of very useful information only insider could share! Thank you again, great job!

  • Thank you for your service in organising our Paris apartment. The location and quality was very good and I appreciated the friendly and helpful attitude of Elena at Glamour Apartments.

  • Our first visit to Paris and it was a wonderful experience. The apertment was in as EXCELLENT location close to everything and metros. Very clean and safe, Marcos welcomed us at the front of the apartment and was so helpful with directions. Olesya was a pleasure dealing with her via email, she will answer all my questions on the spot, and there were many, many questions. Thank you all for such a pleasant and wonderful stay in Paris. I will definitely rent with you guys again. See you soon!!!

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Trip to Paris has an obvious plan of remaining there as the beauty of to relive the magic of the historical monuments and the area is impossible in a single day. The splendid sightseeing is compatible with all the best remaining which is readily available with the glamor flats. To see the splendid image of Eiffel tower the relaxed lodging is obviously demanding. Also the city of romance and love has got the attraction for visitors to see there frequently. To get you appreciate the awesomeness of the place each of the facilities are being arranged by the organization in a well kept up fashion. They are availing apartments in Paris for rent that are fully furnished with all gear.
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A number of you feel distressed as the price of remaining is a bit pricey whenever you plan a vacation. That is due to the high priced resorts which are out of range for a low budget group. Also for some individuals the reason for uncomforting is the surroundings of the hotels, as well as the ambience. The majority of the people aren't relaxed of the frenzied climate along with the food they serve for them self cooked food is lovable.